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Safe Specifications

Secura Safes office safes in the range are all manufactured with a double skin body filled with a barrier material. The thickness of the body is 60mm and the door has a front plate thickness of 10mm. The body of the safe has All joins on the safe are electrically welded and the bends are hydraulically bent. The safes are finished in a splatter paint finish that not only is aesthetically pleasing but also robust to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Mounting holes are drilled into each safe.

Door Hinge

The door is fixed to the body by means of a heavy duty hinges.

Lock and handle

A 7 lever key lock is fitted as standard to the door, bolts are retracted using a drop handle and a chrome escutcheon is fitted over the keyhole.

Additional equipment

All safes are able to be customized to include additional shelves, drawers or locks to suit a client’s requirements. Digital or combination locks can replace existing locks or added for additional security. Drop chutes with anti-fish plates can be installed on each safe within the range for a client looking for the drop safe option.

Model No.

Outer Size (mm)

Inner Size (mm)






500 x 420 x 430mm

380 x 300 x 350mm




40 L


600 x 520 x 520mm

480 x 400 x 440mm




84 L


700 x 600 x 650mm

580 x 480 x 570mm




150 L


790 x 650 x 650mm

670 x 530 x 570mm




200 L


850 x 680 x 650mm

730 x 560 x 570mm




233 L

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